Guide To Being Producteev.

Team Task Management ABC's.


Producteev by Jive helps teams get work done together with simple, yet powerful task management software. Create a network, invite the people you want to collaborate with, start projects, create tasks, and manage your work all in one place - without email. With apps for web, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Mac desktop, we let you connect on tasks and with teammates anytime, anywhere.

How does this help you exactly?

By using Producteev within your team you'll:

  • Eliminate back and forth emails around projects, tasks and responsibilities
  • Reduce the need for status update and action item follow up meetings
  • Be more collaborative, efficient and productive
  • Have the flexibility and accessibility you need in today's fast-paced world



A network is your company's workplace on Producteev. It includes all your projects, tasks and collaborators in one convenient and easy-to-use interface.

features networks


A project is a collaborative to-do list that can be shared across any number of collaborators, from a few people to your entire company. Projects are easy to customize and include privacy management.

features project


A task is your to-do item. It can be assigned, labeled, prioritized, tracked, commented on, and even set as a recurring reminder.

features tasks


A label allows you to categorize tasks with a custom description and color.

features labels


Setting a priority allows you to rank your tasks according to their importance.

features priorities


Subtasks can be added within tasks to create a simple checklist that can be reordered, checked off or deleted.

features subtasks


Setting a due date within a task allows you to schedule deadlines and even sort by due date if you like.

features deadline


Filters let you sort by people, projects, labels, task status, priority, due date, you name it. Just use keywords to search, or select one of the options from the drop-down menu.

features filters


Use shortcut commands to quickly assign tasks (+), add followers (@), add labels (#), set a priority (*), or set a deadline (!). Powerful Collaboration.

features shortcuts


After creating a task, you can assign it to one or more people on your team.

features assign


Adding followers to a task allows specific people to receive notifications on task activity.

features follow


@-mention someone in a comment (use the “@“ symbol before their name) to bring them into the conversation.

features mention


Attach files to tasks by adding a comment and uploading a file from your device, Box or DropBox.

features attach


Turn emails into Producteev tasks simply by forwarding them to

features email to task


Producteev keeps you updated 24x7, sending push notifications to all your mobile devices and lighting up your notification badge whenever an action occurs on a task related to you.

features notifications


Add custom reminders and receive alerts for approaching due dates.

features reminders

Activity Feed

Track the timeline of tasks within a project by clicking the “Activity” link below the project name.

features activity

Audit Trail

View the audit trail (below the comments section) to see the full history of each action taken on a task.

features activity


Export your tasks from a project within any active list view, with just the click of a button.

features export

Personalized Support

Get access to a dedicated Producteev support community, on hand to help your company resolve any question or issue within 24 hours.

features export

Interface Customization

Customize your company's Producteev network with your own background, font color palette and company logo.

features export

Use Cases

Something you may be wondering is if Producteev will work for your specific use case. Here's a list of examples of just some of the types of things Producteev has been used for:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Bug tracking
  • Class work and team assignments
  • Customer support
  • Editorial calendar
  • Event planning
  • Friendly reminders
  • Go-to-Market checklist
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Launches (product, marketing, PR)
  • Manager reporting
  • Meeting agendas and follow up
  • Numerous types of projects and planning
  • On-boarding
  • Personal "to-dos"
  • Prospecting (partners, investors, employees)
  • Research and exploration
  • Roadmaps


Network Setup

You've just signed up for Producteev - now what?


One of the first steps to take is to get your network setup. Networks are your team or company's workspace in Producteev and hold all projects, tasks and collaborators.


If you're starting a brand new network, the first step will be to invite the people you want to collaborate with to join. To do this, click the "+" icon in the "People" section...

setup people

Type in their email address and select their permission status: Members can create projects, edit projects they create, and invite people to the network with admin approval. Admin have access to all the projects (public or private) on the network. They can edit projects, invite people and manage subscription settings.

invite people

In the web app, you can also select which of your projects you'd like members involved in, view the status of people you've invited by clicking over into the "Pending Invites" tab...

invite status

And change the permissions of people by clicking on the gear icon that pops up when you hover over their name.

edit user

Profile Settings

After creating or joining a Producteev network, it's a good idea to go into your setting to make sure everything is configured the way you want it.

profile settings

Add a personal Avatar image, basic info and set the time zone you'd like to receive notifications in.

edit profile

If desired, change your password

settings password

Add any additional email addresses you'd like notifications sent to

settings emails

Select which notifications you'd like to receive and on what devices

settings notifications

And manage your applications.

settings apps

Down the road, should you want to export your tasks, simply come to this tab.

settings export

And that's it! To get back to the main page just click on the "Producteev by Jive" logo

Producteev Apps

One of the great parts about task management software is the flexibility it creates. You can get Producteev for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or use it on the web, and have access to all your projects, tasks and collaboration features. Here's what to expect from our apps:


You can download all of the Producteev apps from as well as from the web app:

settings export


The Producteev suite of apps have been designed to work seamlessly together so that if you create a task on your iPhone, for example, it will sync to your network and show up on all downloaded devices. While the overall functionality and interface is the same across our apps, there are a few things to know:

  • All apps require a network connection.
  • iOS, Android and Mac apps are simplified versions of the web app. They allow you to do everything you need around people, projects, tasks, and filtering, but do not have full functionality when in comes to administrative controls like network or profile configuration.

Notification Setup


settings export settings export


settings export settings export settings export settings export settings export settings export


settings export settings export settings export


settings export settings export settings export


A project is a space within your network that holds related tasks and allows you to collaborate with the people you want in one collective place.

To create a project, as many as you want in fact - there's no limits with Producteev, click on the "+" symbol next to in the projects section of the app

projects add

Enter your title, description, set privacy settings, and you're ready to go!

projects create

Select which projects you'd like to view - just ones you're involved in (have created or have a tasks in) or all projects within the network

projects select view

Track what actions are taken on a project in the activity feed

projects select view

Learn who created a project, it's description and who has access to it by hovering over the project and clicking on the info icon

projects select view

Or edit a project by clicking on the gear. From here you can set it as your default project (so that emails forwarded to and tasks added when viewing tasks under your name are created there), track or untrack a project, or even delete it.

projects select view

Under the "Edit project" option you can change permissions

projects change permissions

Move it to another network

projects change move

And, of course, change the project name and description.

projects edit change name

To search for projects using keywords simply click on the magnifying glass...

projects search

Then type in what you're looking for.

projects search

And that's about it! You should now know all you need to about Producteev Projects.


Once you create or join a project, it's time to start adding tasks! This is the view form the web app, but the basic functionality is the same across all Producteev apps.

task start

To create a new task all you have to do is click on the appropriate icon (a pencil on mobile) and start typing.

task create

You can then add assignees - people responsible for completing the task

tasks assignees

Set a due date

tasks due date

Add a reminder to be alerted when the due date of the task is approaching - make sure to check that the time zone is correct before saving

tasks reminder task save schedule

Schedule the task as reoccurring if it's something you need to do weekly, for example...

task repeat set task repeat set

Label it so that it's easy to find later via filters

tasks labels

Add Followers - these are people who are not assigned to the task but receive all the same notifications so they are kept in the loop

task followers

Create subtasks which are, essentially, your to-do list for the task and can be reordered, checked off and deleted.


Add notes with the ability to mention people (will add them as followers of the task) as collaboration takes place

tasks mention

Attach files from your device, Dropbox or Box account

tasks notes upload

Set a priority

task priority

Edit information within the task - you can change pretty much everything, just keep in mind that any action taken on the task can be tracked in the "audit trail"

tasks audit trail

Export the task to a CVS file

tasks export

Move it to a different project

tasks move project

Mark it as complete

tasks complete

Or delete the task altogether if it's not needed. Please note that this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

tasks delete

And, whatever action you take, it will be synced across all your devices.

tasks iphone


We use shortcuts all the time - as commands on our computer, in text messages, on social media - so why not to create our tasks?

With Producteev's natural language processing, you can...

Assign ( + ) a task

shortcut assign

Add followers ( @ )

projects search

Labels ( # )

projects search

Set a priority ( * )

projects search

And schedule a due date ( ! )

projects search

All in seconds.

projects search

You can even create a task simply by forwarding an email to

shortcut mail to tasj

It's the better way to work.

shortcut task created


With Producteev there are literally hundreds of different ways to view your and your teammate's tasks using our search and filter features.

projects search

You can sort by project via search

tracking projects

Or select just projects you're involved in, and see all the tasks and people associated.

project view project info projects permissions

You can sort by person to understand their workload and progress on tasks

tack people

View by label to see tasks that fall into a specific category

track labels

And filter within a project, person or label to see: creators of tasks, task titles, priorities, deadlines, creation date and current status, and tasks listed by when they were last changed.

track task type

Or task status, tasks assigned to or created by you, tasks you're following, and which tasks have files attached.

track task status

You can also use Producteev project activity feed...

projects activity feed

And task audit trail to track the activity at an overview level.

task audit trail

With Producteev, there's no need for status update meetings or unnecessary emails to "check in" - all you need to know is at your fingertips.


By popular request, Producteev created the Pro plan with enterprise-grade features designed to give your team even more task management power. For $99 a month, your company network (up to 100 users) will have access to the following Premium features:

Premium Support

Instead of going through Producteev's Support Community to get answers to questions or issues, you and everyone in your network will have access to a simple contact form with a 24-hour response guarantee from a dedicated Producteev team member.

personalized support personalized form

Network Customization

This feature allows admin to personalize the background, font color palette, and add your company logo to the network.

premium network customize themes create theme

Free 14 Day Trial

Want to test drive what it'd be like to have the Producteev Pro plan? There is a 14 days free trial!

customize network network themes

Upgrade Your Network

Ready to go Pro? If you're a network admin, you can go ahead and upgrade by following the steps below. If you're NOT an admin, you'll need to request the upgrade for your network administrator.

go pro premium chechkout



Stay up to date on new features, productivity tips and tricks, industry news, user stories, and more by following the Producteev Blog.

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Have a question or issue you need an answer to? Ask the Producteev by Jive Community! What is it? It's a forum where users can go to learn, interact with other users, contribute to discussions, as well as get help from a Producteev Customer Support member.

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Want more personalized and immediate support? With the Producteev Pro plan, everyone in your company's network has access to a simple contact form with a guaranteed response time of under 24 hours.

personalized support

Feature Voting

We want to hear from YOU about what Producteev features you'd like us to develop next. So, if you have a great new idea or agree with another user on something they suggested, vote on it in the Producteev by Jive Community!

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